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Catherine the Great: Empress of Russia (Wicked History)


Zu Vincent writes for both chidlren and adults. A freelance writer, editor and writing instructor, she holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she was awarded Harcourt's post-graduate semester in 2006.

Zu Vincent holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College. She is a former senior editor of the art magazine Expressions and has produced book-length nonfiction as well as short stories, a play, and numerous feature articles and photos for various newspapers and national magazines. She lives on the edge of California’s Ishi Wilderness.


Zu Vincent Forest Ranch, CA Appears in the BankruptReport Database.

Zu Vincent (ZV): I wish I had a great formula to give other writers, but the best I’ve found is to make it a habit. To carve out a daily routine. That routine has varied for me depending on what else life holds. The best schedule I’ve ever had is morning exercise followed by six to eight hours of writing time followed by evening editing. When life gets crazy I at least try to listen to images and language and jot things down before they disappear.