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Zerbrechliche Träume. Roman.

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Zerbrechliche Zeugin (Fragile Witness) is about Mike, a street boy who prostitutes his body for a living and Emma, a slightly handicapped young girl who witness a murder and are now forced to run for their lives.

The simple story is well executed but lives from the presence of it's leading star, Anne Kanis. I've never seen or heard about her before, but I'll watch closely what she does now. Emma's fragileness and naiveté come across beautifully in Anne's acting.

I'm surprised this movie has such a low rating because I was fairly impressed. It's really good for a TV-Movie. Definitely worth a look.

Bodo Aschenbachs Assistentin Ulla mit ihrem brandneuen Hit "Zerbrechlich" geschrieben von Frank Fabian.
Live zu sehen bei der "Die Show" im Schauspiel Dortmund


zierliche, zerbrechliche Wesen ..