• Jan Zelezny
  • Dr. William F. Zelezny, 96, passed peacefully on Feb. 28, 2015, in Kalispell.
  • Jan Zelezny underlined his status as one of the greats of the javelin event by winning gold
  • Jan Zelezny on his way to a disappointing fourth place in the final of the men's javelin in Paris

Zelezny Blues

Too low to display

Zelezny’s determination to reassert himself in the third round was delayed by a medals presentation. He was unable to hide his impatience but the idea that the hold-up had unsettled him was dispelled in the blur of an arm as the Czech sent his javelin soaring out to 90.17 metres – the first 90-metre launch in an Olympics since the "new" men’s javelin, modified to end dangerously long throws, was introduced in 1986.

The first round of the final in 2000 saw seven men throw over 85 metres for the first time in Olympic history – but that was just the start. In second round the lead passed from Zelezny to Backley whose massive 89.95 metres was his longest throw for eight years.


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“We’d like to develop full programs and allow students who live in the South Valley to take their entire baccalaureate at the South Valley location,” Zelezny said.