• Zach KannerSAG-AFTRA
  • Performed by Jen Jaynes, Zach Kanner and Adam Kissinger, Touchstone Ensemble Affiliates
  • Zach Kanner's Abzan Control was just the evolution W/B Control was looking for, and it was good enough for a Top 8 slot in Baltimore:
  • Zachary Kanner

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Through tender cadence and consuming warmth, the entire cast is thoroughly spellbinding, led by Aryiel Hartman and Christopher Rivas, who offer a complimentary dichotomy of narrative progression. As the titular character, Hartman brings a complex distillation of calculated abandon that is carnal and knowing. Rivas staunchly plays a tortured Louÿs with captivating quixotic pluck bowed by an undercurrent of uncertain hedonism. In the supporting role of Meriem, Louÿs’ Algerian muse, Estela Garcia captures the essence of earthy, robust femininity. These key characters are boldly flanked with an utterly fascinating and skillful Greek chorus (Christina Aimerito, Angela Brockunier, Stephen Elrod, Heidi Hilliker, Zach Kanner, and Steve Madar).

Zach Kanner, returning from "The Pan Show: A Cautionary Tale" of two seasons ago when he was a Touchstone apprentice, is a dynamo reprising his role as Daphnis. He commands the stage.


ZACH KANNER (Pickup / Sky Alternate) ..

Christina Aimerito, Angela Brockunier, Stephen Elrod, Estela Garcia, Aryiel Hartman, Heidi Hilliker, , Zach Kanner, Steve Madar, Christopher Rivas