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L'Axe du Sang (French Edition)

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To study art he headed overseas, to the University of Waterloo in Ontario, a quiet campus in a quiet city, a day’s trip to the artistic hubs of Toronto, New York, Buffalo. Here he encountered the work of kinetic sculptors Alexander Calder and Yves Tinguely, artists who creatively and controversially explored the 20th century’s fascination with machinery.

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Auteurs :
Pierre-Yves TINGUELY
Claudio ALESSI
Parution : Novembre 2015
Editions Fortuna – Genre/rayon : Littérature
Prix TTC : 18,90 €
Impression du prix : Non
TVA : 5,5 %
Format : 184 x 120 cm
Nombre de pages : 288
ISBN : 978-2-87591-084-4


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