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Five Years in Heaven: The Unlikely Friendship That Answered Life's Greatest Questions


I have been very blessed to come from a faith-driven family. My mother, Barb, is a model of compassion for me, tirelessly giving of herself to others, and spending a significant portion of every day reciting prayers and novenas. My father, Jack, is a model of humility for me. Also named after Saint John Evangelist, he exemplifies the truest form of selflessness and humility—much like Sister Augustine did—which is rare to see firsthand these days. "Five Years in Heaven" is dedicated to them.

A page doesn’t pass by in "Five Years in Heaven" without some universal question and answer we all face being addressed or some other lesson that will speak to each reader concerning their own lives. These include issues such as how best to face daily challenges, handling the joys and the sorrows in our lives, the importance of forgiveness, trusting God and His plan for each one of us, dealing with fear, embracing change, discovering and utilizing the unique gifts and talents we have each been given, the power and benefits of sharing our lives with each other, and so much more.


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Five Years in Heaven is a wonderfully crafted book that must be read slowly in order to fully absorb the brilliance and depth of Sister Augustine’s insights into the human condition.”