• The syntax of XLink and XPointer.
  • Beispiele für XLink und XPointer
  • explains XLink and XPointer.
  • We provide application to demonstrate several functions of XLink and XPointer. Please refer to  in detail.

XPath, XLink, XPointer, and XML: A Practical Guide to Web Hyperlinking and Transclusion


By Christopher R. Maden. Written originally for the World-Wide Web Consortium XSL Working Group. Revision 0.2, 12 May 1998. Abstract: "The XLink and XPointer specifications provide a level of hypertext functionality that has not previously been available for widespread use. To succeed as a stylesheet language under these new conditions, XSL must address certain styling problems introduced by rich hypertext, including stylistic treatment of link ends and styling of transcluded text." The document represents only [the author's] thoughts on the subject, and has not been voted upon or endorsed by the XSL WG.

It becomes easy to extract XLink and XPointer information described in XML documents by using the processor. So you can easily develop applications of XLink and XPointer.


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The linking model for XML revolves around the complementary technologies ofXLink and XPointer. XPointers provide the mechanism for identifying resourcefragments, and XLink provides the mechanism for collecting these together intolinks.