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WWE: Breaking Point 2009


Undertaker has been missing from the squared circle since he prevailed over Shawn Michaels at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. However, with every return he has ever made, the legendary Superstar has wreaked havoc upon the Superstar that has had the misfortune of stepping in his merciless path. His dreaded Hell’s Gate submission hold is so dangerous, it was once outlawed. With such a long list of victims, Punk will be hard pressed to walk out of WWE Breaking Point with the gold, should The Deadman lock his seemingly-unbreakable hold into place.

The following Friday night on SmackDown, Punk put his newly-acquired gold on the line in a steel cage rematch against the Charismatic former champion, a match where the loser leaves WWE. His triumph ultimately cost Hardy his career. However, thanks to SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long’s stipulation that the winner would face The Phenom at WWE Breaking Point, his shining moment inside the dreaded steel structure instantly thrust him into the realm of darkness.


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