• Q: What muscle do you use to wiggle your ears?
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  • Minister: Do you promise to wiggle your ears for this woman?

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Wiggle your ears. "The ability to wiggle the ears may be inherited however it can also be learned with practice," she says. "It is thought that about 10-20 percent of the population has the ability."

We all have muscles that will move our ears around a little bit. The general consensus is that the ability to wiggle your ears is thanks to one gene[], which has been turned off for some people, though, most of us don't naturally know how to wiggle our ears voluntarily, even if we had the gene. Just as animals perk up their ears, humans can, too, and it is possible to learn how.


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There are a lot of unusual things that people can do. Some can sing when they are two, while others crack complex equations. It is all to do with the amazing and incredible organ we have - our brain. If you set your mind to something, the chances that you won't achieve it are really negligible. You can actually even learn to wiggle your ears! Yeah, totally do-able. Read on, to learn how.