• The key must rotate and clear any internal warding.
  • What, then, would result if these disturbers could be warded off, one or all?
  • Jerry warded off the blows as well as he could, and tried to return them.
  • We prayed that the war might be warded off, but God disposed otherwise.

The Warded Man: Book One of The Demon Cycle


: Arthur has done many amazing contest entries over the last couple of years, and this one was so damn good that I seriously considered giving him the grand prize. I mean really. In addition to Creator only knows how many hours of painting wards, dude shaved his head for it! That is commitment.

: Carol is another one who has consistently sent in wonderful contest entries, not the least of which being the REAL ward tattoos she has on her shoulders! She entered first as , and then again with a showstopping Renna Tanner:


Check out the latest unhappy fans posing with their Warded Mans:

Middle English, from Old English weardian & Anglo-French warder, garder, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German wartēn to watch, Old Norse vartha to guard, Old English weard ward