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The Lovebird Handbook(Barron's Pet Handbooks)


Camp Stepping Stones volunteers were in Winnipeg last week to pick up their cheque for $10,000 from the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation. Left to right: Tracy Seib, Vera Appleyard, Patti Chipman (foundation director), Audra Nesbitt-Hume, Brenda Krulicki and Sarah Pinsent.

The Interlake-Eastern RHA Palliative Care team: (from bottom left moving clockwise): Crystal Reiter, palliative care nurse; Susan Barnett, psychosocial specialist; Tammie-Lee Rogowski, regional palliative care clinical team manager; Vera Appleyard, psychosocial specialist; Melanie Bernas, palliative care nurse. Appleyard and Barnett will be helping with the IERHA's grief support program. (Submitted photo)


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"This is what this evening is about, the ones who have died, the ones we love, the ones we remember," said SWDPC coordinator Vera Appleyard during the night, adding that the district would love to receive new photos to add to the slide show.