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The Originals: Season 1


Joseph Morgan shone in the last 2 ep with excellent acting and delivery of the 2 extremes of the emotions spectrum – rage at the end of Ep 21 and pure bliss in Ep 22. The roar of pure anger at the end of Ep 21, coupled with the screams from Hayley was so impactful! That is definitely one of my favourite scenes from The Originals season 1, the others being the confrontation scene at the cemetery between the 3 siblings ending with Rebekah granted the freedom she always wanted, and of course the beautiful reunion and forgiveness scene in this episode.

Klaus and Elijah who are running New Orleans will find that their parents are returning to the city and creating havoc on their plans to run the city. Having Mom and Dad play the role of villians is a departure from conventional wisdom, and may be difficult for the show’s producers to pull off. While the exact date for the start of The Originals Season 2 has not been specified, CW has announced that it has been moved to Monday night. The date of release of the Blue Ray CDs and DVDs for The Originals Season 1 is scheduled for September 2 this year, and typically these CDs are released a few weeks before the commencement of Season 2, most probably in early October.


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