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Lost Wolf (Curse of the Moon Book 1)

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The Lost Ferals Wolf is a full avatar with many features and available options for user enjoyment. Despite the size of the avatar, much as been packed into it. As an avatar, it does a good job of being both a conversation piece when hanging out with people, but also for day to day life. Most quadruped avatars attempt to outfit the user for an alternative lifestyle to that of the conventional bipedal avatar; something that the Lost Ferals Wolf has done well.

There was but one surviver a yearling .Her little sister Ghost . Leading the pup away she left and began wandering the forest .Many wolves came across her and her regal stance and they talked of the lost wolf with her pup . A ghost in the woods searching for a pack . For a place in this world so cold .


The Lost Wolf Custom Map Ep. 3 w/ Jeffry