• The Listening Heart [Hymn Book]
  • The Listening Heart is a guidebook explaining The HEAL Model for Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning (EFPL).
  • The Listening Heart: Hearing God in Prayer - Kindle edition by Judy Gordon Morrow
  • Randy Dignan (The Listening Heart)

The Listening Heart: Hearing God in Prayer


Judy Gordon Morrow discovered the more when her world was turned upside down and she knelt before God to seek Him and ask for His help. More than a decade ago, in tear-stained notebooks, she began to pen God's responses to her desperate prayers. Now, in The Listening Heart, Judy invites you to spend a year hearing from the God Who Speaks--the God who wants to speak to you. Each daily devotion echoes the Father's love and care for you, offering hope, comfort, encouragement, and more--a rich closeness with God that will satisfy the longings of your heart.

In The Listening Heart , Conyers writes with power and conviction. -Jean Bethke Elshtain, University of Chicago The Listening Heart is for all who want to build faithful communities of love and learning. -Timothy George, executive editor, Christianity Today A. J. Conyers is a wonderful critic of the interplay between the classical Christian faith and the contemporary world. -Bishop William H. Willimon, former dean of the chapel, Duke University


The Listening Heart: Season 3, Episode 4