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The Lands of Ice and Fire (A Game of Thrones): Maps from King's Landing to Across the Narrow Sea


Anyway, it’s been exactly one year since our 2013 trip to Iceland, this unique and absolutely incredible place. Reading the chapters of A Storm of Swords about the wildling territories beyond the Wall made me realize that Iceland is unquestionably THE Land of Ice and Fire. Well, duh… It’s a well-known fact that parts of Seasons 3 and 4 of the HBO TV show were actually filmed in Iceland. Moreover, the Game of Thrones set-jetting, visiting the locations where people’s favorite TV series are filmed, has been on the news lately, as it has accounted for a fairly sizable part of the Iceland tourism in recent months.

That’s what these maps brought home to me, in a more immediate way than simple prose. Over in the City of the Winged Men, I bet they’re flying around stabbing each other in a desperate race for the Feathered Throne. I bet the Asshai'i are tossing each other into the ghost grass with a quickness if it will help them cement their claim on the city. I bet that deep inside Sothoryos the brindled men are scheming up a storm. I bet you Fort #3 hates Fort #5. I bet you it’s a great big world filled with all sorts of different people and places, all of whom are exactly alike in all the ways that matter. The Lands of Ice and Fire make the differences and the similarities all the clearer, simultaneously.


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