• The Fixer
  • What are you, dense? Are you retarded or something? I’m the goddamn FIXER!
  • The seclusion of the bay provided the perfect backdrop for a dark and sinister hit by The Fixer!
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The Fixer


But being the fixer can keep your adult children from truly taking responsibility for themselves. How do we step away and let them be their own fixers? A recent blog post, caught our attention. The words are whole, capable, and resourceful. It seemed to us that applying those words to our relationship with adult children could be extremely useful for helping us step out of that Fixer role.

Justine recently featured as the expert adviser on the BBC’s ‘The Fixer’ with Alex Polizzi, helping Martinis Salon, Essex. You can watch online until March 26th via BBC iPlayer (). Please see a few screenshots below:


The Fixer appears on the album Backspacer

Techno's impersonation of Ogre ended when stowed away inside him, shrunken, and destroyed his body from the inside, while he refused to kill Jolt again to allow him to construct a new body. However, his backup plan worked, and his consciousness was returned to his original human body—mostly healed, although the nerve damage in his neck meant he required his tech-pac to bypass the damage—and the human Ebersol, initially of the robot's exploits, returned to calling himself the Fixer.[]