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Killer Elite (previously published as The Feather Men): A Novel (Random House Movie Tie-In Books)


Description : The “enthralling page-turner” (Library Journal) now a major motion picture starring Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert De Niro Here is a gripping novel, inspired by real-life events, about a private team of British vigilantes that sets out to eliminate a gang of cold-blooded contract killers. From 1977 to 1990, four former British soldiers die, one by one, supposedly due to accident or illness. But soon a link is established between the victims: a shared mission in the desert kingdom of Oman, where they fought for a sultan against insurgents and ruined the life of a rival sheikh, who in turn has sent a band of assassins to methodically slay the soldiers and salvage his pride. Now these clever assassins are on the run from an underground group of SAS vets with nothing to lose, no time to waste, and a desire to dispense their own form of justice—no matter the cost. Previously published as The Feather Men From the Paperback edition.

Description : The story of a secret organization called The Feathermen and their 14-year attempt to trace the killers of a number of British ex-servicemen in Britain and abroad. Ranulph Fiennes has published eight books, two of which have been in The Sunday Times bestseller list.


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Thos film is based on the book The Feather men by who appears in the film as the last target. he wrote his side of the tale and this brought much controversy at the time and plenty of governmental denial and this is the truly interesting side of the tale. The mercenary team against the worlds best Elite unit is good for action and there is plenty of very well directed action but the intrigue takes second place and this is an error to my mind.