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He now all but abandoned comedy for popular television drama. Throughout the Sixties he wrote for one successful Lew Grade series after another - The Saint, The Baron, The Avengers, The Persuaders - rising through the ranks to become script editor and associate producer on the later programmes. The hallmark of a Terry Nation screenplay was a crisp, imaginative plot, laced with sharp, witty dialogue. However intense the drama, humour was seldom far away, and always used to good effect.

In 1979, Terry Nation fulfilled a long-time ambition to work in Hollywood, settling there with his wife Kate and their children, Rebecca and Joel. In the years that followed he worked for Columbia, 20th Century Fox and MGM, developing programme ideas and script doctoring, but never managed to repeat the success he had enjoyed in Britain. His final few years were dogged by ill-health in the form of emphysema.


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Terry Nation modeled his most famous characters, the Daleks, after the Nazis, describing them as "the unhearing, unthinking, blanked-out face of authority that will destroy you because it wants to destroy you."