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Strange Experience: The Secrets of a Hexenmeister


Are you a believer in the unexplained mysteries of the paranormal or maybe you have had an unusual past experience that had you questioning the mere possibilities. Whatever are the reasons for your interest in the paranormal remember this? You are not alone.

There have been countless studies carried out that do indeed reveal that the percentages of peoples who have claimed some sort of paranormal experience are very high. For example, a study carried out by PRINCETON, NJ titled. '' had study figures as high as 41% for people who had admitted in a belief for extrasensory perception, or ESP and continues with a list of other paranormal beliefs that have an interesting statistic for each category.

Strange paranormal experiences and the mystery of the burnt footprint is an actual paranormal account from an anonymous source known as Tom. Who has had several paranormal experiences over his lifetime but due to his work status has remained shall we say, in the background of his paranormal accounts. Whatever your take on his experience believable or not. The truth of his story is told and can be either accepted by those who choose to believe or simply as a form of entertainment. This is his story.

I am not sure what happened to it after this, but my sister, who was older and didn't believe in anything paranormal, had some strange experiences involving a black shadow and some kind of sleep paralysis, where she was surrounded by a bunch of people laughing at her as the black shadow circled over top.


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