• “Stitch The Movie” is rated G.
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  • Yay! You're now following stitch the movie in your .
  • There is a Hidden Mickey in this scene Stitch The Movie when Lilo's sister runs into the house to check on...

Stitch! The Movie

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The Bottom Line:
Kids will love “Stitch the Movie”. It’s required viewing if you plan to watch the Lilo and Stitch TV series. Kids will also enjoy the DVD extras. Adults will find it mildly entertaining while animation fans may be disappointed that it doesn’t live up to the original.

Love Stitch the movie even thoughh i don't see the difference between lilo and stitch the movie and stitch the movie because they all follow up and all movies. But anyways its a great film and recommend comedy and animation lovers to watch this film. Rating 10 out of 10 :D.


Opening To Stitch The Movie 2003 DVD