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Some Time in New York City


Yes, perhaps it was because he shared the album with his mate, Yoko Ono,that so many disliked Sometime in New York City. I do not rate the Ono solo songson here since they are not really rock and not the kind of songs I dig or can even listento long enough to give a rating to. Yet I will note that her song "We are Water"is excellent, well written, and the only one of her songs on the album that I don't skipover when I play the LP, such a true song indeed!

The best studio number found on Sometime in New York City is"Attica State", a protest song about how the prison upraising there turned intoa bloody, deadly riot, thanks to the mishandling of the situation by the officials incharge. Next best song is "New York City", which isn't really a protest song,but more reflects the mood of the Lennon's at the time of this recording and explains whatthey were up to at the time.


John Lennon "Sometime In New York City" 2CD Japanese

The richness of Phil Spector's production fills out the danceable grooves on nearly every track. Also featured is Lennon's paean to his adopted home, "New York City," with allusions to doping clerics and transsexual rockers as well as the highly quotable line, "What a bad-ass city!" On the bonus disc, Lennon and Ono get it on with Zappa and the Mothers in live sets from London and New York. Things heat up considerably with "Cold Turkey," freak out with "Don't Worry Kyoko," and veer into the ridiculous with audience participation on "Scumbag." SOMETIME IN NEW YORK CITY is some of the groovin'-est, most tuneful agit-prop ever committed to disc.