• 14.00 Sir Dermot Turing Talk - Alan Turing 1912-1954
  • “Julius Turing, Alan’s father, in 1907″ ( by Sir Dermot Turing, page 21)
  • Screening: THE IMITATION GAME (2014)Q/A and Discussion: SIR DERMOT TURING
  • The letters were  after surfacing through Turing’s nephew, Sir Dermot Turing.

Sir John Dermot Turing - The Huffington Post

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Sir John Dermot Turing was educated at Sherborne and King’s College, Cambridge. After completing his DPhil in Genetics at New College, Oxford, Dermot moved into the legal profession working first for HM Treasury Solicitor’s Department and then for Clifford Chance where he has remained (as a partner since 1999.) Dermot is currently based in London in Clifford Chance’s Financial Services and Markets Group and his professional focus is on regulation, insolvency and risk management for financial institutions.

Sir Dermot Turing is the author of Alan Turing Decoded. He is a trustee of Bletchley Park, and nephew of Alan Turing (1912–1954), who is well known to have been one of Bletchley Park’s leading cryptanalysts as well as a founder of the science of artificial intelligence.


Sir John Dermot Turing at the Reagan Library. – Photo: Leo Lewis

Both images are derived from the truth, but neither tells the whole story, which is why Sir Dermot Turing - Alan Turing’s nephew - has written an account that he hopes will throw light rather than heat on the debate over who his uncle really was.