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  • Neither Samantha Futerman nor Anais Bordier knew she had an identical twin sister.
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Separated @ Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited


(CNN) -- Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman have the same laugh and the same freckled cheeks. They wear their hair the same way and have since they were babies. They share a hatred of cooked carrots, a love of the same color nail polish and the need to sleep 10 hours a day.

Last Spring, two women named Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier a Kickstarter called with the hopes of creating a documentary to find out if they were really related.


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Anaïs Bordier holds up a photo of herself and Samantha Futerman (CFA’09), the identical twin sister she didn’t know she had. Bordier contacted Futerman in 2013, after a friend stumbled upon a YouTube video of the young actress. Image courtesy of Ryan Miyamoto/Small Package Films