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  • Richard Hell talks about walking out on the music industry 30 years ago.
  • 7-11: Richard Hell & The Voidoids 1979
  • 12: Richard Hell & The Voidoids live at CBGB, June 22 1979

I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp: An Autobiography


The sharp, lyrical, and no-holds-barred autobiography of the iconoclastic writer and musician Richard Hell, charting the childhood, coming of age, and misadventures of an artist in an indelible era of rock and roll...

On , Drag Sounds channels the punk poets of 1970s New York, primarily Television's Tom Verlaine and his cast-off bandmate, Richard Hell. The Carolina-via-Baltimore guys in Drag Sounds, with their yelped vocal affect and twining, elegantly frayed guitar lines, really do sound like CBGB's Class of '76. It's less lofty, and you suspect they might not be carrying dog-eared Rimbaud paperbacks. Yet even without grand lyrical ambition, a song like "Aww Night Long" successfully captures the feeling of some humid night when you got so stoned that you almost certainly became profound: "Then it moves, then it's gone, then it keeps on going on." Totally, dude.


Johnny Thunders, Richard Hell and Jerry Nolan.

Richard Hell gostava de ser original, de inventar moda e estilos. Criou parte da moda punk usando cabelos espetados, roupas rasgadas e com rebites. Conviveu com (produtor musical de , e outras bandas ), Malcolm passou sua experiência de moda punk juntando o visual de New York Dolls e Richard Hell nos .