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  • But his "private" reference book is the good thing in his pack of literature.
  • General Reference Books, including Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and a vast amount of other Knowledge
  • This is an example of how to reference a book.

Essential Oils Pocket Reference


DK reference books bring a vast array of topics to life through DK's award-winning photographs, illustrations, and design accompanied by comprehensive and often eye-opening facts. Including atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias and manuals; DK’s general reference contain everything you could want to see, learn and know about on captivating subjects from transportation to ideas and beliefs. Keep facts at your fingertips for daily perusal, research or to feed your thirst for knowledge by filling your shelves with DK’s general reference books today.

The Home Reference Book was developed over 25 years ago as a report writing tool for Carson Dunlop’s home inspection business. We recognized that a good inspection needed a professional report.


Reference Books: When You Want to Look it Up

Other reference books that you may find useful include style guides, grammar guides, lexicons, and collections of quotations. All of these can be found both published as books and in a variety of forms that can be accessed online, or from your computer's desktop.