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The website offers a large amount of educational games for kids on it, much like the . If you are looking for literacy, spelling, and vocabulary games to help your kid learn to read, this would be the best (and safest) place to let them play on. The games on the website are also created with the show in mind that it is for. Here are some of the best online reading games for kids on the PBS website.

{Pre-K and up} sounds like a silly game to place into a post on reading games for kids, but in order for kids to know what they need to act out, they have to READ the cards. Of course, younger children won’t be able to do this, but older ones will. And what a sneaky way to get kids reading! Just in case you’re wondering, the words included on the cards would probably be categorized roughly at the end of 2nd grade level, although some of the words are easier.


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Video games are often criticized for its negative effect on child's behavior. But this extremely popular medium can be effectively used for the benefit of your child's physical and mental development. Different types of games have different influence on children. Reading games are type of video games that is beneficial in many ways to develop your child's skills and psychological behavior. It boots imagination and positively affect on your child's learning curve. Reading games are helpful to integrate a child's school education with entertainment if you use it wisely. Here are some of the online reading games for kids to use for the benefit of kids.