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CBS’s hit show Under the Dome is rolling along in their second season and star Rachelle Lefevre is riding high as Julia Shumway, one of the show’s main protagonists. Now the red-haired actress reveals in the August Watch Magazine interview that she was as anxious as fans to see what was next for Chester’s Mill in season 2.

Althought Twilight is anethema to me, I actually think Rachelle Lefevre is kind of cool and this pilot sounds shockingly interesting, especially for NBC. As it would require the viewer to have even a passing familiarity with basic American history, though, I presume it will not be going to series. NBC seems to have a number of interesting pilots, so at least they’re trying to offer something to a viewer like me who isn’t quasi-braindead.


Rachelle Lefevre at the 24th Annual Film Independent's Spirit Awards.

"Edge of Winter" -- Two brothers are stranded by a brutal winter storm in the company of their unpredictable father and quickly realize that the elements are not the only danger out in the wild. With Joel Kinnaman, Tom Holland, Rachelle Lefevre. Directed by Rob Connolly. (1:29) R.