• Yay! You're now following quilt box in your .
  • Thanks Rusty working on the quilt boxes as we speak, And thank everyone for all your input!!!
  • What do you think about using light fiberglass screen, rather than canvas, to cover the quilt boxes?
  • However, if you don’t like that idea, you can use deeper quilt boxes and drill the holes closer to the bottom edge so they are fully exposed.

Vintage Sewing Basket Kit Box with Everything Wonder Clips,Straight Quilting Pins,Large Eye Needles,Polyester Thread,Tomato Pin Cushion,Seam Ripper & More Sewing Supplies

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Nathan and Anita Farmer have been in business at the Quilt Box for over three years and have more than 50 years of sewing and quilting experience. The quilting and sewing business is the love of their lives and they share this love with their customers, families, and friends. They take great pride in providing quality customer service and making their customers feel like friends.

Shock Wave Pattern by Kathleen Starr.

The Shock Wave is one of our newer patterns. We added the Crazy Eights kit option just for the July Quilty Box. It’s a quick and easy strip-pieced project with no points to match. The pattern offers multiple larger size options.


Lazy Gal Quilting: Quilt Display Box

Just finished making the quilt boxes today. Here is what I ended up doing. I started with shallow supers. I used the plastic queen excluder as the floor but I sandwiched in a piece of plastic screening in between the excluder and the box and then trimmed all around. I put 4 one inch vent holes in the box (two in front and two in back) and covered the hole ends from the inside with pieces of the plastic screening. I plan to put the shims directly on the upper frames with the sugar bricks inside then cover with the quilt box. Any suggestions of whether or not to use the inner cover? Thanks