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  • Paul Smith Bluto is the enforcer while the Commodore is away. According to Nana Oyl, the Commodore is always away. She says she has never seen him.
  • Smith was born on June 24, 1936 in Everett, Massachusetts, USA as Paul Lawrence Smith


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What Altman's cast managed physically, never mind histrionically, choreographically and musically, is amazing for its day. It's not just a matter of eccentric make-up that turns Robin Williams into the sailor man, Shelley Duvall into his sweetheart Olive Oyl and Paul Smith into Bluto the man-mountain.

Altman's movie, which was Williams's feature-film debut, was widely considered a flop, though it recouped twice its budget at the box office. It also starred Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl and Paul L Smith as Bluto, Popeye's nemesis. Both those characters will be back for the animated version, as well as the adopted child Swee'Pea, a foundling left on Popeye and Olive's doorstep.


Paul L Smith - Demo Reel - Duration: 25:33.