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  • Patsy Kensit is an English actress, singer, model and former child star.

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Patsy Kensit was born on 4 March 1968 to James Henry Kensit (1915 – September 1987) and Margaret Rose Doohan (1935 – December 1993), a native of who died from breast cancer. Kensit has an elder brother, Jamie, born in 1963. Her mother was a publicist; her father was an associate of the notorious London gangsters the . Nicknamed "Jimmy the Dip", he also reportedly worked for the rival , running for the gang. He served time in prison before Kensit was born; she believed he was an antiques dealer. Kensit's parents did not marry until 1986. Her paternal grandfather was a robber and counterfeiter. She attended , and .

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Patsy Kensit at the "Hells Kitchen."

Lady in red: Patsy Kensit has been a mainstay of British showbusiness, but the 45-year-old slurred her way through an interview on ITVs This Morning after undergoing a full hysterectomy this year