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  • All the best,The Paperblanks® Team
  • All the best,The Paperblanks® Team
  • The Paperblanks Academic diaries run for 18 months from the end of June 2016 until December 2017.

Old Leather Jade


From journals to address books, dayplanners to mini reporters, guest books to accordion boxes, the personalisation of these branded Paperblanks® products makes for the ideal corporate or event gift.

Specialist producer of beautiful, sustainably produced writing journals, Paperblanks, has launched the new Exotic Marquetry range, a sumptuous demonstration of how inspirational furniture design can be transformed in the most unexpected of ways.


Happy journalling,The Paperblanks® Team

I see you didn’t write on the back of each page. I have an old paperplanks book and the two sides of each page are different. One side is really good for ink and fountainpen and the other is really bad … bleeding and feathering… it soaks ink like tissues.
That’s the reason I never bought a paperblanks again.