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  • Nikolai Zlobincurrently lives in Washington, DC. Before that, Nikolai lived in Washington, DC. Nikolai is related to Barbara Friedman.
  • Russia -- Nikolai Zlobin, director of the Russia and Eurasia Project at the World Security Institute, 17Jun2010
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Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich [Russian Edition]


Someone reminded Putin that political analyst Nikolai Zlobin had put such a question to him and that he hadn't answered. "Did you ask me that? I didn't hear it," Putin said.

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Nikolai Zlobin: This conclusion came from several different directions. First of all, Putin himself said many times that the only way to gain respect in the world is to be strong—to have a strong military and economic power, not soft power. Second, Russia traditionally has been losing soft-power battles and was always a subject of influence from outside—this could be Western influence, Marxism, Christianity, and so on. Russia was always on the receiving end of soft power and didn’t have any experience delivering a message to the rest of the world. So, Putin doesn’t believe in any of this. He knows that the Soviet Union, with all its great ideas, collapsed very quickly.