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Trouble in the Field: A Conversation with Nanci Griffith By Stuart Henderson 14 August 2012 Nanci Griffith has always been a difficult artist to categorize. A kind of hybrid of the Greenwich Village folkies of the 1960s and the rough-hewn Texas singer-songwriters of the 1970s, Griffith has always been a little too country for many [...]

Nanci Caroline Griffith is an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter, reared in Austin, Texas, who currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee...


Nanci Griffith Photo credit: WENN

Always an artist with a contemporary flairI, but still one who keeps an eye on the past, Nanci Griffith manages to combine a nostalgic American gaze with up to the minute technology. She offered a superb set of torch songs on Ruby’s Torch and used her muse to make political statements of considerable weight on the Loving Kind. Her latest disc, Intersection, was made in her Nashville home studio and shows every sign that she is, like all the truly great Americana and country folks, in this for the long haul. And are we glad about that. She is a true charmer.