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Morphological Theory: An Introduction to Word Structure in Generative Grammar


Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology (LMBM) is a variant of what Aronoff () refers to as a 'lexeme-base' morphological theory. Lexeme-base morphology assumes that only the lexeme is a true linguistic sign where 'lexeme' is defined exclusively and explicitly as any and all noun, verb, and adjective stems. The effects of lexical and inflectional derivation on the lexeme do not affect its status as a sign at all. These processes, it follows, must involve elements other than linguistic signs.

Workshop on Comparative Morphology and Morphological Theory
Linguistics Association of Great Britain Annual Meeting 2013
School of Oriental and African Studies, London
31 August 2013
Organised by Matthew Baerman and Daniel Harbour


Defaults in Morphological Theory Series | Philosophy

"Old French Declension from "Word and Paradigm" Perspective and Default Syncretism"
Defaults in Morphological Theory Workshop
University of Kentucky May 21-22, 2012