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  • MONOCHROME HOME - Beautiful contrast with white cabinets, marble countertops & dark wood floors
  • MONOCHROME HOME - Kent Road House by bureau^proberts
  • MONOCHROME HOME - Love black walls! Super modern touch

Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White


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Published this month is a gorgeous, gloss new book by writer and stylist Hilary Robertson. Called , the book explores the stunning homes where owners have decided to live at one end of the colour spectrum. From poured black floors as shiny as an oil slick to immaculate all-white spaces built to embrace light and order, the book features some of the most striking monochrome homes from around the world, as well as Robertson’s insights into the design tricks and subtly graded colour palettes that make it all work. A self-confessed colour-lover with “an embarrassingly voracious eye” Robertson introduces the book with a personal epiphany. “Years of absorbing images, of desiring so many things, of flirting with trends and decorating fads have made me understand how helpful rigour can be,” she writes. Notorious colour-junkies ourselves, we asked her to explain more…


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White loves black. Black loves white. Exploiting their symbiotic relationship builds an interior that is timeless, flexible, practical and liberating. Sought-after interiors stylist Hilary Robertson explores the exciting opportunities of a monochrome home, with enchanting photography by Pia Ulin and case studies of 13 beautiful and inspiring homes.