• Missionary Work. #Mormonad #LDS #Mormon
  • Missionary Work. #Mormonad #LDS #Mormon
  • 2. Missionary work is the principal aim of trie church on earth. All the last words of the
  • 6. There will be a blessing for your own soul in love for missionary work.* a^EJhft

Encountering Missionary Life and Work: Preparing for Intercultural Ministry


I would talk to your pastor Mr. White. I think that’s step one. Also, we are all called to be witnesses and the greatest need for missionary work is actually in Brazil (#1) and in the U.S (#2) so you can train and start your missionary work here in the states as being a missionary doesn’t always mean leaving your country.

Answering the call to mission work is easy; the devil is in the details. What kind of work do you want to do? Where would you like to go? Who’s paying for it?


History of Missionary Work in the Church - Mormon News

Several weeks later, while visiting in that same community, I went to her home with the stake president, was invited in, and walked to a piano where sat a beautiful picture of her and her husband Bob and their three lovely sons. This time she was weeping for joy as she pointed to the picture and indicated that on the morrow she would be baptized into the Church. Then, holding onto my hand tightly, she said, “Just think, Brother Goaslind—in one year from tomorrow we can be an eternal family.” There is nothing that brings greater joy than doing missionary work in the kingdom.