• Title: Midsomer Murders (1997– )
  • Midsomer Murders locations - Little Haseley, Oxfordshire
  • Midsomer Murders. John Nettles as DCI Tom Barnaby
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Midsomer Murders, Series 17

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Iconic? Midsomer Murders is one of British TV's most successful exports. And that's all down to the combination of beautiful setting, massive death-rate, and sensible Tom Barnaby in the midst of it all.

In spite of its rather shaky attitude , Midsomer Murders is a sneaky favourite of mine. Where else would the motive for serial killing be that 150 years ago, someone's vicar ancestor was killed by some bell-ringers who were never convicted of the crime (Ring out Your Dead, season five, episode two)? Where else could the revelation that Gemma Jones is the killer be greeted with the phrase: "but you're a church archivist"? Murder by bell surely exists in only two places: the Midsomer universe, and Dorothy L Sayers' .


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Humour is a main feature of the series, with many of the actors playing up their characters. There is often , such as a woman being murdered with a wheel of cheese, and many scenes are examples of "" (comic drama or dramatic comedy); according to when describing the episode (series 15, episode 4): 'Midsomer Murders never takes itself too seriously but here it’s got its tongue so far into its cheek, it hurts.'