• What do woman think of men wearing panties?
  • What Men Wearing Panties Need To Look For When Buying Panties!
  • Why men wear panties It's not all that uncommon for straight men to enjoy the feel of sexy panties.
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The Men's Guide to Wearing Pantyhose

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So why do panties turn us men in panties on so much. Why do guys wear panties? There are several reasons, and it varies from guy to guy. For some men who wear panties they like wearing dirty panties, or wearing worn panties, they get excited by sniffing panties, smelling panties and licking panties that have been worn by a woman. Sometimes they know the woman, wifes panties, girlfriends panties, sisters panties, moms panties, aunts panties, neighbors panties, friends wifes panties, friends girlfriends panties, etc, or sometimes they have no idea who the dirty panties belong to. They enjoy sniffing panties, licking panties and wrapping the panties around there cock and masturbating with panties, or after sniffing them they slip the panties on over there hard cock and rub there hard cock in the panties and masturbate with panties, and cum in panties. Many men wearing panties enjoy checking out hampers and laundry rooms searching for dirty panties to smell panties, sniff panties, wrap panties around there cock and masturbate with panties, or slide them on and stroke themselves in panties and cum on panties. Some guys in panties enjoy knowing that a pair of panties hugs tightly to a womans pussy or ass all day long, soaking up all the juices and scents of a woman. Other men in panties wear panties to feel a connection to the womans panties they are wearing, to feel close to her, to imagine having sex with her, while masturbating with panties. Other guy wearing panties wear panties because they are more comfortable than mens underwear, they enjoy the choice of colors, styles and fabrics. For each man wearing panties the reasons why guys wear panties can be different or a combination of things.

So what type of guys wear panties? The answer to that is all types of men wear panties. There are straight guys wearing panties, bi curious men wearing panties, bisexual guys wearing panties, gay guys wearing panties, and yes couples wearing panties. And men wearing panties come from all backgrounds and from all over the world. We have seen a lot more couples visiting men in panties pictures submitting pictures, movies, stories and looking to meet with other couples in panties and men in panties. For many men its the ultimate fantasy to either tell the wife or girlfriend that they wear panties or to meet a female into men wearing panties or a couple wearing panties looking for another guy in panties for a threesome. The question gets asked alot how do I tell my wife I wear panties, or how do I tell my girlfriend I wear panties. Our panty wearing community is filled with lots of advice from other men who have told there wife they wear panties or told there girlfriend they wear panties, and you will be surprised at the number of successful stories from guys wearing panties who have told wife they wear panties or told girlfriend they wear panties.


I just started experimenting with wearing panties and lingerie

Why do guys wear panties
Please understand that most men who like wearing panties or other types of women's clothes are heterosexual. It is impossible to say whether your girlfriend or wife would be accepting of your wearing panties since we don't know her. I'm sure you really want to tell someone that you like wearing panties. Many women think that men wearing panties is sexy or fun and then are some that do not.