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Based on the popular MegaMan Battle Network RPG series, MegaMan NT Warrior stars a young boy named and his crime-fighting cyber avatar, . With the help of 's childhood friend , the over-confident loud-mouth , the intelligent and rich , the timid Tory Froid, and 's powerful rival ... they thwart net crime syndicates, like the World Three and Grave, that are bent on world domination!

MegaMan NT Warrior began as a video-game for the Game Boy Advance system and then continued to a hit manga by CoroCoro Comics (which is translated by Viz). In March 2002, the anime debut in Japan as Rockman EXE and was eventually dubbed into English after its 56-episode finale a year later. The show is dubbed by ShoPro Entertainment, responsible for the English distribution of other popular anime titles like , , and .


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