• Interview with Martin Bowler
  • Martin Bowler’s latest Angling Times column is a blast from the past.
  • In this week’s Angling Times, Peter Drennan joins Martin Bowler in search of summer tench.

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I was fishing in Oxford town center when a child cycled by and shouted ‘you look like Martin Bowler but you can’t be cos there’s no fish here!’ Little did he know that the river Thames which flows through this university city is full of big chub.

In our pursuit of the ideal specialist rod suitable for big river barbel hunting with big leads and feeder, whilst also having enough finesse to tame big bream and tench on mature lakes and gravel pits. After visiting many specialist forums and website, one rod in particular stood out fro the crowd, the Drennan Martin Bowler Big River Barbel 12ft 2.25lbs TC rod. So after getting out our begging bowl, the team contacted Oxfordshire based Drennan, and politely asked if we could run a series of field tests, to see how well the rod would perform targeting big fish of all species, on all types of venues. Read on as we take our first look and take these impressive rods up to the tidal river Trent to see how well it performs in its natural environment.


Martin Bowler (@MartinSBowler) | Twitter

Martin Bowler has sent us this wonderful and quite unusual photo of a big Mirror and a brace of specimen Roach, which appeared in his “Hedging My Bets On the Method” article in Angling Times last week.