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  • Stephanie Brandt Cornais is the founder and owner of Mama and Baby Love, a thriving online resource, and a private healing practice for mothers.

Mama, Do You Love Me?


Stephanie started the website Mama and Baby LOVE in May 2010, because she was spending a lot of time on the computer while she exclusively pumped for her daughter, Penelope. She quickly realized that her blog could be more than just a creative outlet and could help other mothers. She wanted a way to continue to help mothers like she did she when owned her yoga studio, taught childbirth classes, and attended births as Doula. She especially wanted to get the word out about her and everything she did to finally get her daughter to be able to nurse at five months old.

Have you visited ? Stephanie, the mama behind Mama and Baby Love, created the website to connect with other women who are interested in Natural Parenting, Yoga, Real Food, DIY, and Travel.


She moves in with the family of her mother's old friend