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Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans


Father Malachi Martin was one of the few humans on the planet who had read the Third Secret of Fatima before it was released. Although he could not reveal the secret directly his description of its nature was quite dire and left an impression very different than by that which was finally released by the Vatican after his death. I am sure that if Father Martin were alive today he would agree that the Third Secret had not been fully released. Attached for your discerment is a compilation of interviews he gave on the subject to Art Bell.

[…] As the former Jesuit Malachi Martin detailed in his study of The Jesuits (reviewed here), this tendency is now full blown in modern Jesuitism. […]


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Malachi Martin’s writings and honesty were criticized most notably by the book Clerical Error: A True Story by Robert Blair Kaiser, Time Magazine’s former Vatican correspondent. In this book, Kaiser accuses Martin of carrying on an extramarital affair with his wife and for being a notorious womanizer during his time in Rome, as well as a liar and fantasist.