• Lutz Pfannenstiel: Und ich habe dreimal bestanden.
  • SPOX: Und wer soll die Rolle des Lutz Pfannenstiel übernehmen?
  • Lutz Pfannenstiel (, . )  labdarúgókapus. Jelenleg a dél-afrikai  játékosa.
  • Lutz Pfannenstiel: "Unhaltbar - Meine Abenteuer als Welttorhüter", 256 Seiten, rororo, 8,95 Euro

The Unstoppable Keeper

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LUTZ PFANNENSTIEL may have played for 25 different clubs and be the only player to have played professionally in all six FIFA continents, but the toughest league of all?

Stop! You can’t shoot your own goalkeeper.” It was more a shriek than an assertive order from Lutz Pfannenstiel (roughly pronounced Fan-en-sheel).


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Within a minute of meeting Lutz Pfannenstiel, the now retired German goalkeeper and veteran of no fewer than 25 clubs, it is obvious how arguably the most extraordinary and certainly the most entertaining tale of a life in football should be his.