• Autism non-fiction books by Lorna Wing.
  • Lorna Wing and Amitta Shah wrote the first really basic, clear article on autistic catatonia here:
  • According to Lorna Wing two things combined to overturn this state of affairs.
  • Lorna Wing ( de  - 6 de junho de 2014) é uma   , conhecida por seus estudos sobre .

The Autistic Spectrum: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

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Main Aim of Workshops Create learning materials by women with autism for women with autism, also for families, carers and professionals Other important hoped for outcomes: Learn more about women with autism Contribute to improving lives of volunteers and women with autism in general Create a forum where women with autism could enjoy meeting each other The Lorna Wing Centre 2015

Impact of UK workshops Women enjoyed workshops and the structure provided by the PWI (rather than abstract discussion). Enjoyed meeting other women and sharing strategies and experiences. Pleased to contribute to research and to formation of learning materials The Lorna Wing Centre 2015


Lorna Wing Centre in Bromely - National Autistic Society

Song composed by Čedomir Stanojević, Lyrics written by Ivanka Simić Song developed by Lorna Wing Recorded, Produced, Keyboard Arrangements by ...