• Little Llama
  • Either way, this speech has got me exhausted. Perhaps I shall take a little llama-nap shall I?
  • Some days I want to slip away into my little llama world of endless paddocks.
  • Screw the world. I’m a little Llama that wants to get a degree in being a Walrus.

Llama Llama's Little Library


Hi everyone. Now what do we have here? An absolutely adorable fuzzy little llama that I just want to hug and pet! This llama looks so happy, satisfied and relaxed. I bet he’s having a very nice day. Look at those floppy ears! This llama is adorable to the point of distraction!

Make this Llama costume out of a mop head! This sweet little llama can be put together in an hour, it’s so easy! Get all the instructions below. PS – Check out ALL our Halloween ideas .


- Little Llama Baby Outfit - blue

A long long time ago in a green pasture far away this little llama had a blog, and disappointingly it seems she has not touched it in almost 6 months.