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After Light was finished with being Kira, 3 guardian angels were born; L, Mello and Mr. Yagami. The guardian angels carry a special white pen in the shape of a cross. When this pen is used to write in a death note, it can reverse the effects of a death via death note if written in the same death note in within 2 minutes and 40 seconds after the name has been written. The three angels christened these pens as the Life Notes.

On a typical and regular day, Natchi Yagami tends to stumble upon a notebook that gives him the power to bring any person back to life by simply writing their name in it. As Natchi tries to find out if he is willing to take the responsibility of handling the "Life Note" there appears to be a strange killer on the loose. As L is sent on the case, Natchi will have to decide if he will continue with his normal life and let "Kira" run free or join L's attempt to stop the one known as "Kira".


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