• Leaving Paradise
  • What both Maggie and Caleb want is just to leave Paradise.
  • Is there any end to this punishment I've put upon myself? ~Leaving Paradise
  • Leaving Paradise possesses an interesting premis

Leaving Paradise (A Leaving Paradise Novel)


While I enjoyed and loved Leaving Paradise and Caleb and Maggie, too, I didn’t love it quite much as Perfect Chemistry and hence the 4 Stars. Though, reading this the second time around and being thoroughly drawn in again, I am going to bump it up to 4.5 Stars, though recognising Ms Elkeles' growth as a writer in Perfect Chemistry.

Já queria ler Leaving Paradise há muito tempo. Os livros da Simone Elkeles sempre me chamaram a atenção e só agora, alguns muitos anos depois, que consegui pegar em um deles… E quer saber? Eu quero muito mais!


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Reader reviewed by Jessica

As two characters, drawn together on the faithful night of the party, tell a story through different view points, romance blooms from hatred in a way that was never expected. As acceptance increases, two unlikely characters learn that love can be found just about anywhere, with just about anyone, as long as you're able to forgive and forget.

With family secrets creating the base of this story, readers will find themselves caught from the first page as one of the main characters is released from a juvenile detention center for hitting the second of the main characters and completely messing up her knee, stopping her from being able to play tennis as she has been for years. Both characters lost something on the night of the accident, but slowly regain it back as they learn to trust one another, and learn that the only person who you can truly love needs to understand your pain and suffering.

Wonderfully written through two view points that allow the reader to get inside of the character's heads, "Leaving Paradise" tells the warming story of two characters who find themselves falling in love despite everything that should keep them apart. The moral of forgiveness is forever tied to the story, with an underlay of something darker that will keep the readers begging for more long after it ends.