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For an obsessive home baker, visiting King Arthur Flour’s flagship campus in Norwich, Vermont, was something of a religious pilgrimage worthy of the hours-long detour I took during my Boston vacation last year.

In addition to its flour business, in which King Arthur Flour revenues are derived from wholesale sales of its flour products to grocers and other food retailers, King Arthur Flour Co. also sells baking equipment and other baking ingredients through its catalog, The Baker's Catalogue. King Arthur Flour also promotes its brand and products at its flagship store, The Baker's Store, located in Norwich, Vermont. The Baker's Catalogue,The Baker's Store and other direct-to-consumer sales account for approximately 25% of King Arthur Flour's revenue, with the rest being accounted for by retail outlets. Other retail outlets include smaller company-stores and cafes that offer pastries, baked goods and cafe fare like savories, sandwiches and salads.


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For her apron contest, she entered in the Apron from the Past category with "June Cleaver-type" apron she had made. In the King Arthur Flour contest, she won with her Coffee Cake.