• Girl I just got started lovin' you
  • JUST START. That’s my motto for 2013.
  • Short yet inspiring and open-ended. Just start…hmmmm
  • Parton added: “I know it sounds silly, but I honestly feel like I’m just now starting my career.”

Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future


Of course, this simple advice is not the answer to our procrastination problems, but it will take you a long way towards decreasing procrastination. When you find yourself thinking things like, "I'll feel more like doing this tomorrow," let that be a "flag" to recognize that you're about to needlessly delay the task, and let it be the stimulus to "just get started."

Just get started. That's the here. Once we start, our attributions of the task changes. Based on other research, we know that our attributions about ourselves change too. First, once we get started, as summarized above, we perceive the task as much less aversive than we do when we're avoiding it. Second, even if we don't finish the task, we have done something, and the next day our attributions about self are not nearly as negative. We feel more in control and more optimistic. You might even say we have a little momentum.


For the Creative Soul: Just Start Already

As with everything from to problematic gambling, the etiology of procrastination is tremendously heterogeneous as is effective treatment. There is a great deal to take into account to understand this self-defeating behavior including emotions, , the role of interacting with situation and how we perceive reward. That leaves me (and you) lots more to write and think about. In the meantime, give it a try. Just get started.