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Mead Primary Journal Creative Story Tablet, Grades K-2 (9554)

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The paper has a very slightly rough feel, but not enough to be unpleasant. No show through with the pens that I tried, no feathering. I like the yellowing color, and the texture. I'm already thinking of getting a couple more of them, although I'm not going to run through all my unused journals and notebooks for several years at least. The unlined paper is not really an issue, in fact I rather like writing this way. My current main journal, a Franklin Christoph, has graph paper, which was probably not the best choice for me.

I completed the right hand side of the page a while ago after a particularly bad day of writing. In about five minutes, I had this massive list and I would’ve kept going had I not run out of space. The inner critic was quite cruel and very loud, but it was interesting experience to give those thoughts an outlet. Once I wrote something down, it no longer repeated in my head. The experience was strangely cathartic, despite the overall negative feelings it provoked. I colored the page in a drab shad of gray and highlighted with pink as that’s a color I don’t always like. Then I closed the journal and did my best to let go of everything on that list.


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